Justin Buck is the CEO and Founder of Pearl Rolling Company. He is originally from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and was raised in a blended family that was foundational to his upbringing. Being an active athlete, honor student, and older sibling taught him many life lessons.  

After he turned 18, Justin moved to Atlanta, GA and obtained his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Morehouse College. Immediately after, he moved to Denver, Colorado where he worked for a billion dollar startup company and immersed himself into the roll your own and cannabis industries.

Seeing these emerging industries sparked a passionate energy that motivated him to become a subject matter expert on all things related to cannabis. In 2020, he left his secure job at the unicorn startup company, enrolled at the University of Maryland, Baltimore to obtain his Master’s of Science degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, and returned to his home state of Maryland.

Since returning home, Justin’s sole focus has been directed to bringing Pearl’s rolling papers into fruition, building a smart and reliable team around him, and finishing his medical cannabis studies.

The rest of his story is to be continued…


2014 - 2016

After being introduced to rolling papers in college, our founder— Justin, discovered that the rolling process could be made simpler by completely sealing one end of the rolling paper to prevent contents from spilling out, which then formed a handle and tail for additional support.

Noticing how much this helped him, he started preparing his rolling papers like this by hand every time he smoked. He then showed this method of preparation to his friends and saw how much it helped them too. Their positive feedback is what sparked his idea to eliminate the need to hand-prepare and seal his rolling paper and to create a product that has rolling papers already sealed.

2017 - 2019

Justin understood that a unique product like this would require intellectual property, so he filed for a patent while still in college. Due to financial restraints at the time, he could not afford legal assistance and this delayed the patent acceptance a year longer than expected.

2020 - 2021 

In July of 2020, the patent was finally accepted! It was time to leverage the working relationships, knowledge, and skills Justin had been cultivating in preparation for the launch of Pearl Rolling Papers. In December 2021, Pearl fully launched and is now providing A Simpler Way to Roll for everyone.